Challenge Overview


This is an iOS app that cover schedule and transportation of the attendees who comes at the briefing centre at Houston. The attendee needs to download this app from the app store. This app covers the details of the whole day of the attendee at briefing centre and list of sessions with break down details. It also manages the travel information of attendees i.e. his flight information, ground transport information and hotel information.  Data is accessed via RESTful web services .


For this challenge, the scope will be to upgrade the Swift version. The application is currently build on Xcode 6.4/Swift 1.2 and we want to upgrade existing codebase for latest Swift version (Xcode 7/Swift 2.0).



  • Clone existing codebase from Gitlab project Alamo Dev branch.

  • Download latest beta Xcode 7 from this link.

  • Open existing codebase on Xcode7.

  • Fix all dependency issues that may exist.

  • This application should be successfully compile on Xcode 7/Swift 2.0


Final Submission Guidelines


  • Send an email to Sandeep and request to be added to the Project Alamo team on gitlab if you are not already a member or use this site to allow self-service sign-up in to the repo.  Just enter your gitlab name, hit search and then hit your username when it comes back and you're into the repo group with developer access

  • Once added to the team, fork the repository if you haven’t already and work off of the Dev branch from Gitlab project Alamo

  • Send an email to Sandeep for an API user email and PIN to request authorization if you do not already have one. Include your Topcoder user name in the request.

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