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    Learning and Certification

    Just like our members, our learning paths are constantly evolving. Deepen your knowledge, get hands-on experience with industry-specific software, and hone the skills you need to succeed.

    Topcoder for Veterans 101

    Before you can compete in challenge, you need to sign up for Topcoder. It’s free and easy to get started right away. Once you complete your Topcoder registration, we will also ask you to verify that you are currently in the service or reserves, or have been honorably discharged.

    Veterans - Learn - Types of Challenges

    The Types of Challenges

    There are three main tracks: design, development, and data science. Whether you’re looking to design a landing page, solve a coding problem, or submit a winning algorithm, there’s a challenge for you.

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    Veterans - Learn - Getting Paid

    Getting Paid

    With Topcoder, you get paid for winning challenges, not for hours worked. The reward varies for each challenge — from checkpoint to final round — but you’ll always know in advance of competing.

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