Code Splitting Test

If code splitting works properly, this page should render nicely and look pretty.

For a better perspective, how cool and complex it is: Webpack 2+ documentation on code splitting refer ‌this page of react-router documentation for further details one code splitting implementation for ReactJS. Here is the qoute:

Code-splitting + server rendering

We’ve tried and failed a couple of times. What we learned:

  1. You need synchronous module resolution on the server so you can get those bundles in the initial render.
  2. You need to load all the bundles in the client that were involved in the server render before rendering so that the client render is the same as the server render. (The trickiest part, I think its possible but this is where I gave up.)
  3. You need asynchronous resolution for the rest of the client app’s life.

We determined that google was indexing our sites well enough for our needs without server rendering, so we dropped it in favor of code-splitting + service worker caching. Godspeed those who attempt the server-rendered, code-split apps.

From Code Splitting documentation ofreact-router

So, welcome to Topcoder, where difficult things can be done fast, while miracles will take just a bit longer :)

Instructions on using our implementation of code splitting are ‌available here.