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Challenge Overview

Competition Task Overview

Welcome to the Fall from Grace Challenge: Gracefully service failover component in Java���

In the previous challenge we have built a simple java based component that can gracefully handle the inability to connect to an HTTP(s) based service and it worked great.

For this challenge, we need to update the code to have it also check for 500 class HTTP responses and qualify that as a failure. In that event it should move on to the next endpoint.


Unit tests are required for the code created in this challenge. And if necessary previous unit tests must be updated to work with the new code as well.

You should also provide /update the CLI based program to test the API using different parameters.


Technology Overview

Final Submission Guidelines

Submission Deliverables

  • Your code changes must be pushed to your private gitlab repo
  • Submit a zipped version of your repo to Online Review
  • Make sure your submission includes a clear guide to deploy and test / verify your submission
  • Once picked as the winner and done with fixes, you're expected to submit a merge request to the specified branch

Final Submission

For each member, the final submission should be uploaded via the challenge detail page on

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