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    Zurich now has access to the world’s largest network of designers, developers, testers, data scientists. Topcoder Public Crowd members compete over an automated platform to produce multiple deliverables. Those who produce the best outputs earn prize money. We pay only for the deliverables, not for hours.

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    Zurich - Welcome to Topcoder at Zurich

    Welcome to Topcoder at Zurich

    At Zurich, we recognise the need to embrace new and different delivery models to optimize delivery of our IT solutions.

    We are partnering with Topcoder as they work in exciting new ways to deliver quality products and services making use of a limitless pool of talent across the globe.

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    Zurich - Why Topcoder works in Zurich

    Why Topcoder works in Zurich

    Our technology teams can fast track programs by having access to a limitless parallel workforce which does not work with the traditional time and geography restrictions. Topcoder also allows our delivery teams to offer multiple potential solutions for a requirement at no extra cost

    See our recent success stories.

    Case Studies How It Works

    Access niche skills

    Topcoder gives us access to a limitless pool of talent in niche and traditional skills across the globe. This means we get quality solutions and services to market with speed.

    Speed of delivery

    Topcoder is great for running multiple work streams simultaneously with experts delivering quality work.

    Quality is key

    Competition allows us to choose the best of the best and only pay when we are happy with the end result.


    Using the Topcoder model provides efficiencies in time, quality and resources.

    The Last Mile

    Topcoder takes care of the end-to-end solution for us.

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